Web & Mobile Cloud Apps

Benefit from an end-to-end digitization and transformation service including mobile, Real-Time Communication, IoT, cloud etc.

What is your need?

What App are you creating?

You don’t develop all apps the same way. The App can be innovative, customer related, operational efficiency, or legacy redesign.

Innovative and customer related apps come from ideas for new business models, products and go-to-market channels. They are little or no requirement defined.

Operational efficiency and redesign of legacy app are built on existing processes, already defined but with poor user experience and interfaces and the need to reassess usage scenarios.

For all types, the app may need to leverage emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning or IoT to unlock new sources of value for the business.

What is the impact on the development?

Innovative and customer related apps start as ideas, with fuzzy requirements with a high rate of change, they require a strong business involvement throughout the entire development process to ensure they deliver their intended value. Some of the ideas will not be successful and will be replaced by new ones. Reacting fast and be able iterate toward optimal outcome is a key requirement. These Apps will usually start small as prototype or MVP and scale upon success as requirements are confirmed.

Operational efficiency and legacy redesign apps have better defined requirements if not completely documented. The focus will be on business process assessment, process improvement and design to delivering the best user experience. Leveraging new technological environment or emerging technologies will also require prototyping and flexible cycle.

What is our approach?

The challenge is not so much the technology but getting the right project environment and team. Create a collaborative environment for business and IT to jointly explore and prototype ideas, integrate with advanced technologies and backend services to effectively build the solution.

During the planning and analysis phases, the team considers all aspects of the project with a special attention on processes and design. The implication of technological choices and security are also carefully reviewed.

The implementation is based on the Agile methodology. Agile project management encourage iterative development while actively including the business and incorporating their feedback.

Following, the App must move from prototype to large-scale production. We propose the best platform with cloud-native architecture and enterprise-specific monitoring tools. A special attention is given on setting-up the proper production and maintenance environments focusing on Security and protection issues.

What do we offer?

1 – Planning

  • Definition of technological strategies
  • Cybersecurity Advisory Services

2 Analysis

  • BPR (Business Process Redesign)
  • Functional Specifications
  • Technical design
  • Analytics, Data Scientists, AI Specialist

3 – Design

  • Usability Consulting
  • Heuristic Analysis
  • User Interface Design & Wireframe Designs
  • Prototype Construction


Fixed Price / Fixed Scope projects,

Time & Materials engagements,

Professional Services,

Singapore-based Development team

4 – Implementation

  • Agile Development
  • Expertise in most advanced technologies

5 – Integration & Tests

  • Test & Production Environments
  • Test cases & UAT
  • Test Automation

6 – Maintenance

  • Maintenance and Support
  • QA Services and Consulting

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