Business Development

Benefit from an end-to-end digitization and transformation service including mobile, Real-Time Communication, IoT, cloud etc.

Alphanova’s Business Development outsourced Services enables a fast implementation on targeted markets while minimizing investments and risks.

Our services allow you to explore, develop or redefine your international development strategy in a progressive way. To help you implement your strategic thinking, Alphanova’s teams assist you in operational implementation.

  • Office Management
  • Sales Network Development
  • Sales Team Outsourcing
  • Partnerships and distributors Management

Sales Network Development / Prospecting

Our experts provide you with their knowledge of the markets in which they are based.In addition our experts make available to you their linguistic and inter-cultural skills to allow you to approach customers and potential order takers more effectively to market your products and develop your export business turnover.

Partnerships and Channels

Whether you need to find a business partner to sell your products or an industrial partner abroad, the teams of Alphanova based in Asian countries assist you in the identification, approach, pre-qualification and relationship with potential partners in line with your needs.

With proper support and strategy, finding unique partnership, revenue opportunities and recruiting is quick and within controlled expense boundaries. The quality of the partner and the type of relationship you create with partners is key to your success in Asia Pacific. Alphanova makes sure your partner strategy reinforces your long-term product vision, revenue and growth goals while protecting your IP. Different pricing models, distribution layers, support and the partner’s reputation/position in the market are all important characteristics which we will tailor early in the process. In Asian markets, choosing the wrong partner can restrict your chances for business success in the future.

  • Partner Evaluation and recruiting
  • Channel Marketing & Management
  • Partner Training

Market Expansion Services

Business Development


Grants & Funds

Applications Development

Benefit from an end-to-end digitization and transformation service  including mobile, Real-Time Communication, IoT, cloud etc.

Digital Intelligence

Drive innovation and accelerate your company’s growth through AI, Big Data and Robotic Process Automation.

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