Real-Time Communications

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What is WebRTC

Web RTC stands for Web Real-Time Communications. WebRTC is a technology that enables integrating real time applications such as VoIP or video conferencing directly into a browser. Based on WebRTC it is possible to make Browser-2-browser video calls.

A user can click-to-dial someone, access video-telephony from within a web application and receive calls from any web-browser, be it on their PC or smartphone with confidentiality provided by web-based cryptographic protocols!

How Can Alphanova help you?

Alphanova has developed and sell a platform called based on Web RTC technologies that allows communications and support on any Browser, OS or device and includes many advanced functionalities.

The solution can be deployed as a standalone solution, as a private cloud solution, or user can connect to the cloud.

You can also customize completely the platform to get into your solution:

  • WebRTC standards support
  • System and network monitoring
  • Multi-level customer management
  • Support functionalities including decentralized call centre
  • Surveillance and Monitoring options
  • Geo location

Real Time Communication

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