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Whether you are creating great apps, to improve a business process or simply need to upgrade an outdated legacy application, you must consider the current acceleration of technologies. The question is not anymore what solution we should find for the next 3 years but what does my company need, to stay ahead in my business. How can it sustain the current pace of innovation, what is really working and at what cost?

Digital Intelligence Services

Alphanova consultants and engineers help you understand most recent tools, architectures, costings and new concepts. With a unique set of capabilities focusing on the implementation of the most advanced technologies, we help you build your strategy and implement it in the most cost-effective way in the following areas Web Real Time Communication, Connected devices, Block Chain, AI, Big Data and Robotic Process Automation.

Business Cases

Sharing Economy

Laundry services matching in France

Matches individuals laundry needs with neighbours who could deliver the service.

iOS, Android native applications

Smart Communication Platform

Communications via App and browser anywhere

Delocalized Support center App and Browser

Geo Location, Location based Alerts, News

Supports chat, video and audio call

Connect multiple parties / Group Chat

Attach Images and documents

Augmented Reality

Tap Tap Tuna

Advertisement Game App with AR capability

Social Network enrolment and publishing

Android and IOS

Internet of Things

Smart recycling Project

Intelligent connected bins

Fingerprint or RFID identification

Real time weight, trash image and bin usage

Centralized analytics and behavioral measurement

Real Time Communication

IoT – Internet of Things

Blockchain Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data & Analytics

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Applications Development

Benefit from an end-to-end digitization and transformation service  including mobile, Real-Time Communication, IoT, cloud etc.

Business Consulting

Alphanova works with you to understand your key strengths, your goals and objectives and define where your opportunities lies.

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