IOT – Internet of Things

Create a smart, helpful environments by selecting and connecting intelligently your devices

Expand your reach with smart devices

The internet now connects billions of devices beyond computers, tablets, and smartphones. These connected devices make up the Internet of Things (IoT), a network of billions of appliances and gadgets that collect, receive, and transmit data. These devices can be used to automate, control, monitor, or track a wide range of devices in areas like automobiles, medical devices, security systems, intelligent boxes, electronic toll collections, smart traffic controls and wearables.

IoT Usage

IoT can be used by most industries, for example Education to connect school and campus to enhance student outcomes, increase security, and improve monitoring. Retail to optimise operations, lower costs, and better engage customers. Energy to improve production and reduce costs. Manufacturing to remotely monitor and manage devices and get real-time analysis of production data. Transportation to reduce costs, get real-time visibility and introduce predictive maintenance capabilities.

Cloud providers such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft are offering cloud-based connectivity and development platforms that are a solid base to manage devices and get the best of it.

Based on requirements, it might also be necessary to adopt an approach based on Edge computing. In Edge computing, data is processed by the device itself or a local server, rather than being transmitted to a data centre.

Your IoT project?

An IoT project requires a multidisciplinary, multi skilled team. Hardware, Software, Cloud, application development, networking, data analytics and cyber security are all necessary skills. Alphanova’s consultants help you define and deliver your IoT project:

  • Analyse your business case
  • Select devices and platform
  • Conduct Pilot tests
  • Develop App including monitoring, analytics and users’ interfaces
  • Develop specific Device programs
  • Connect and integrate to external services such as payment gateways
  • Integrate your apps on selected cloud platforms
    • Google Cloud IoT Core
    • Aws IoT Platform
    • Microsoft Azure IoT Hub
    • Custom Cloud platform
  • Support and maintenance

Real Time Communication

IoT – Internet of Things

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Applications Development

Benefit from an end-to-end digitization and transformation service  including mobile, Real-Time Communication, IoT, cloud etc.

Business Consulting

Alphanova works with you to understand your key strengths, your goals and objectives and define where your opportunities lies.

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