Market Expansion Services

Marketing Services

Market Analysis and Planning

  • Offerings Analysis
  • Market size, trends and opportunities
  • Identify target market segments
  • Competitive analysis: pricing, partners and customers
  • Business Planning

Engaging a new market, new customers and opening new revenue streams requires careful planning, a good understanding of the markets, what works and, more importantly, what does not. Alphanova works with you to understand your key strengths, your goals and objectives and determines where your opportunities lie.

We assist in developing your marketing strategy. What is your target market? Who are you competing against? What are the trends in Asia? Our local knowledge defines the strategies and tactics required to meet the objective you set, whether it be developing a new market or capturing market share.

We have the people and resources to create the projects decided upon, whether it is online, Social Media, Direct Mail, events or printed collateral. Whatever the strategy, Alphanova has the skills and experience to create eye-catching market engagement campaigns.

Throughout the execution phase, we work with you to ensure the activities are delivered on time, are going smoothly, you are getting the results you want and you are meeting your objectives.

We measure to ensure that you have met your objectives, but also to see if there is a need to adjust the focus along the way. All rolled up to provide you ROI.

Market Expansion Strategy

A combination of a global vision with local expertise is required to build the right expansion plan. The formulation of a clear strategy aimed at: minimising risk, controlling timeframe, reducing costs and diversifying the method of development is a key factor for success.

  • Legal and Tax
  • Acquisitions, Joint ventures
  • Distributors
  • Market entry
  • GTM strategy and Plan

Business Development Outsourced Services

Alphanova’s Business Development outsourced Services enables a fast implementation on targeted markets while minimizing investments and risks.

Our services allow you to explore, develop or redefine your international development strategy in a progressive way. To help you implement your strategic thinking, Alphanova’s teams assist you in operational implementation.

  • Office Management
  • Sales Network Development
  • Sales Team Outsourcing
  • Partnerships and distributors Management

Office Management

Alphanova aids in growing your business rapidly in Asia Pacific by taking care of everything that is required.

Alphanova’s Corporate Management Services, which are established in one or more countries, are supporting companies entering a new market for the first time, as well as already-established companies looking to optimise the management of their subsidiary.

Our range of services include the Incorporation and Management of Companies, Establishment of Bank Accounts and Credit Cards, Virtual Office services, market entry solutions, company credit reports, Accounting/Audit services and others which are natural additions to our main activity.

We provide clients with the highest quality service offering professionalism, confidentiality, reliability and integrity in all aspects of our services. Our team of professionals are dedicated in ensuring that your needs are fully understood while providing you with unrivalled service and expertise.

Our team of experienced and seasoned professionals can help create a local entity in one or several countries. Our experts will advise you on the type of legal structure most suited to your commercial or industrial deployment model. They then assist you with the registration procedures and in obtaining the various authorisations required for its constitution and its operation.

Managing an international subsidiary from afar, with a light local staff requires assistance from professionals. Our experts have a full command of the accounting, tax, human resources and corporate governance aspects, allowing you to secure the management of your subsidiaries in your chosen countries.

Sales Network Development / Prospecting

Our experts provide you with their knowledge of the markets in which they are based.In addition our experts make available to you their linguistic and inter-cultural skills to allow you to approach customers and potential order takers more effectively to market your products and develop your export business turnover.

Partnerships and Channels

Whether you need to find a business partner to sell your products or an industrial partner abroad, the teams of Alphanova based in Asian countries assist you in the identification, approach, pre-qualification and relationship with potential partners in line with your needs.

With proper support and strategy, finding unique partnership, revenue opportunities and recruiting is quick and within controlled expense boundaries. The quality of the partner and the type of relationship you create with partners is key to your success in Asia Pacific. Alphanova makes sure your partner strategy reinforces your long-term product vision, revenue and growth goals while protecting your IP. Different pricing models, distribution layers, support and the partner’s reputation/position in the market are all important characteristics which we will tailor early in the process. In Asian markets, choosing the wrong partner can restrict your chances for business success in the future.

  • Partner Evaluation and recruiting
  • Channel Marketing & Management
  • Partner Training

Talent Development

Well-trained and motivated employees are vital to any company’s success. It does not matter how good your vision and direction are if you don’t have such individuals to implement, manage and execute your goals, so why not let Alphanova help you?

Whether you are planning to recruit staff locally or relocate them from other parts of the world, we can assist in meeting their needs. Leadership, Management, Sales and Marketing are just some of the areas we focus on. We have a range of programmes to help develop, energise and invigorate your talented individuals based on your business and developmental needs. Our coaching and workshops are designed to meet your business requirements at whatever stage of your company’s growth in APAC.


Your growth won’t happen without people, so recruiting the right people with the right knowledge and skills is vital in making it happen. Alphanova has access to some of the best recruiters in APAC and can help you in identifying the correct people to support your business.

Advisory and Corporate Finance Services

Alphanova helps nano-caps and small-caps mergers & acquisitions

With a strong presence in Asia, Alphanova, helps as a corporate finance specialist dedicated to SMEs in Europe and internationally, with its proximity to customer firms and benefiting from an integrated network in Asia.

Together with shareholders and management, Alphanova assists its customers in making the best decision. Whether undertaking external growth locally and across countries, or any type of corporate finance transactions, our team gets involved in building with the customer a tailor-made solution, at every stage of the process, from the start of the strategic consideration through to the finalisation of the transaction.

Alphanova offers to customers locally and abroad its expertise in several types of operations marking the steps of a company’s life. Alphanova works equally with entrepreneurs, family or publicly owned corporations, and investment funds wishing to undertake corporate finance transactions.

Fund Raising and Sell side Advisory

For companies wishing to improve the financing of their growth, our team helps you find investors.

Alphanova advises on majority shareholding divestiture, divestiture of assets and assigning business to subsidiaries.

Alphanova’s expertise enables it to optimise corporate finance operations by implementing a relevant negotiating strategy, tailored to the company’s economic context, including financial engineering.

Acquisition Advisory

Alphanova provides its expertise and its international network to support the needs of each customer, the targeted acquisition, analysis of a business sector and/or detection of opportunities.

Financial support for Export, R&D and innovation

Public Aid for innovation can support the development costs of products/processes or technologically innovative services in terms of functionality, ergonomics and technical differentiation. As such, the implementation of a prototype or pilot to verify certain technical assumptions corresponds perfectly to the philosophy developed by the government.

Finally, public support for research and development are here to finance research projects justifying a substantial improvement over competitive products and practices, and exceed the available knowledge of the state of the art science and technology found in the area covered. The presence of technical locks/technology is a fundamental pre-requisite for access to these funds.