Tap Tap Tuna – Ayam Brand

Tap Tap Tuna Game


Ayam Brand™ or Ayam™ is one on the oldest consumer brands in Asia owned by a french Organization called Denis Group. The main products are canned fish (sardines, mackerel, tuna), Asian ingredients (coconut, Asian sauces and pastes), fruit and vegetable (especially baked beans).

Synovate had ranked Ayam Brand™ among the first 500 consumer brands in Asia.

Given the stiff competition within the region, the Global Marketing Director, is focused in giving its customers a revolutionary experience for their latest Marketing Campaign in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.


In lieu of many other consumer brands available in the region, Ayam Brand had been trying to differentiate themselves from the rest of their industry counterparts.

Problems such as difficulty in engaging its consumers via the traditional means of marketing e.g. coupons, flyers, brochures, TV commercials and more, the company wanted to build a closer relationship with its consumers while generating more awareness and hype towards the targeted group of audience.

Furthermore, the revolutionary experience required by the client needed to incorporate a competition for consumers to participate and allowing the latter a chance to win a prize.


After careful consideration and rapid development, Alphanova’s Technology Enablement Division – App Sculptor – saw the marriage between technology and Ayam Brand’s products as paramount.

The testing and deployment of Ayam Brand’s requirements have all been incorporated in the all-in-one Advertgame App: Tap Tap Tuna

Using state-of-the-art technology, App Sculptor has incorporated an Augmented Reality feature within the app as a trigger allowing users to play the game. This added feature answers to the client’s demand for an innovative experience and a closer interaction between the consumers and Ayam Brand’s products.

The client also requested to incorporate a competition logic within the app, which App Sculptor has successfully delivered through the means of an online High score feature; allowing users to share their scores via a social platform.

With the use of a backend management system, developed by App Sculptor solely for Ayam Brand’s use, the client will be able to collect data submitted by the users and select the top 10 weekly winners based on their score.

This App is available on all Android and iOS platforms and the competitions are ongoing in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

For More information on Tap Tap Tuna, please visit:

Singapore: http://www.ayambrand.com.sg/tap-tap-tuna-game.html

Malaysia/Brunei: http://www.ayambrand.com.my/tap-tap-tuna-game.html

Indonesia: http://ayambrand.co.id/tap-tap-tuna/index.html