Shave It Club

Shave It Club is the brainchild of a young local entrepreneur. Inspired by The Dollar Shave Club, and seeing a gap in the local market, he wanted to propose a locally made bespoke Shaving Membership system, with shopfronts exclusively online, that delivered to your door.


Sell shaving subscriptions to members, with recurrent billing cycles.

A technical and marketing challenge as it would be difficult to persuade users to part with their money monthly,  on a user-friendly E-Commerce platform.


  • The functionalities Shave It Club were looking for overlapped with Alphanova’s E-Commerce Platform.
  • Alphanova created wireframes that recreated the flow of information. Customers followed with clear and easy purchase options as well as calls to action.
  • The solution is also fully integrated with a payment gateway allowing customers to make secure payments with all major Debit and Credit Cards.
  • The E-commerce platform also includes a user management tools allows users to create an account via Social Media or email.


In using Alphanova’s E-Commerce Platform, Shave It Club has a secure and tailored E-Commerce solution that has met both deadlines and budgets.

Alphanova’s designs have been well received by the business:

-30,000 visits with bounce rates of only  31% on Launch Day

-Featured on SMRT(Feedback), one of Singapore’s most influential social page

-Over 7,000 Total visits per day